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Capability Development Key Findings

Actionable Insights to Guide Decisions

Amplity has significant experience working with clinical and medical teams at all levels

We provide facilitated learning, which enables teams to discover new tools, benefit from enhanced skills, and guide their own development with support from experienced industry coaches. Our facilitated learning provides clinical and medical teams with the skills necessary to be even more effective at communicating and engaging in a transparent, fair, and balanced way.

Our Amplity Data Insights tool can help to overcome several of the challenges that organizations face when they try to embed learning. People tell us that they would like to be more confident that there is a rhythm of learning at all levels of an organization— that program feedback forms are only a point in time and that they don’t feel they truly know how much progress is being made.

What is it?

Amplity Data Insights is a personalized, dictation-based tool that tracks the learner’s progress on an ongoing basis. It uses AI to generate insights and reports at all levels and extends the learning period by embedding it into an individual’s day-to-day working pattern.

How does it work?

It works so well because dictation tells so much more of the story than written feedback alone. People can simply say more than they can write in a defined amount of time. The tool can be tailored to ask people about their self-elected learning needs after each interaction and help them to learn at their own pace. The AI functionality quickly identifies emergent themes and can create reports at team, regional, and therapy-area level to help the relevant stakeholders plan the next large-scale interventions.

The tool is proven to reduce the amount of time and effort taken for everybody involved on all sides of the learning process. It creates a rhythm of learning and in doing so it offers a fluid, dynamic learning environment for learners while providing leaders with the confidence that progress is being made in the areas that are going to add most value to the business.