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Product and Program Learning

A Range of Learning Solutions

At Amplity Health, we have developed a unique blended learning approach to enable you to create programs that make use of a range of digital, directed self-learning, virtual, and face-to-face assets

Blended learning refers to a strategically crafted, bespoke program that places the learner at the core. By choosing a blended learning program from Amplity Health, your organization will benefit from:
  • Creating a learning continuum that encourages self-development to happen both inside and outside face-to-face and virtual interactions
  • Supporting your learners to access resources in a format that suits their preferred learning style
  • Applying the learning as part of a series of interventions, thus creating new habits and resourceful mindsets
  • Allowing participants to discover what works for them
A Range of Learning Solutions
You can select our Amplity branded core programs that make use of ready-to-go content or you may prefer to work in partnership with us to construct a fully bespoke and tailored solution for your organization.

Some of our clients like to use a mix of approaches to ensure they achieve the optimum balance of value for money and achievement of learning outcomes. Amplity has in-house experts ready to consult with you and diagnose what is required and then guide you to find the best solution for you.

Digital Learning

Amplity provides a range of digital solutions to suit your needs

All solutions are designed to enhance and embed the learning that takes place during our live interventions and to enable medical teams to collaborate even more effectively remotely.

Benefits of a digital approach

  • Allows your teams to engage in learning without the need to travel or take time off the road
  • Enables participants to access learning at their own pace and convenience, taking charge of their own development
  • Measures levels of engagement by using tracking technology, which can be combined with performance measures to demonstrate return on investment


eLearning has become an important component of organizational learning strategy

All solutions are designed to enhance and embed the learning that takes place during our live interventions and to enable medical teams to collaborate even more effectively remotely.

eLearning provides many benefits when compared to live events, including:

  • Allows participants to access appropriate learning outside of the live event format (for example completing the theoretical learning in advance of a practical live event)
  • Provides a variety of interactive and stimulating learning formats that can be accessed at a time to suit the learner
  • Provides an opportunity for organizations to create learning assets that can be used more than once

Creating engaging eLearning content

eLearning content is created using a program, which supports the design of interactive, visually-stimulating learning content.

Interactive content includes visuals, voice-overs, quizzes, simulations, animations, avatars, virtual reality, video demonstration, practice scenarios, and opportunities for learners to apply what they have learned to real-life situations.

Amplity will work closely with the client to ensure all content is aligned to the needs of the business and is tested rigorously with a group of pilot users for feedback.

Virtual Learning Events (VLEs)

Amplity Health can develop and facilitate a full range of workshops remotely, which allows a fully interactive virtual classroom experience

Ideally, workshops are always delivered face-to-face to maximize engagement and provide an opportunity to practice new skills and learn from colleagues. However, we recognize this is not always possible. Key benefits of virtual learning include:
  • Allows workshops to be delivered remotely in an engaging and impactful way
  • Can also be used to follow up on a face-to-face workshop to embed and enhance learning and allow participants to collaborate and share best practice. This helps to keep the learning alive.

What to expect from VLEs

The entire workshop is designed with the participant’s needs and organizational outcomes in mind. We use an easily accessible remote platform and apply the same workshop principles in a virtual environment.

By using interactive content such as multimedia delivery and engaging exercises, this helps ensure there is full engagement, interaction, and enjoyment in an environment that replicates the face-to-face workshop as much as possible.