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Commercial Solutions

Field Sales Solutions

Amplity Health Commercial Solutions designs and implements tailored, effective customer engagement field teams

Our field sales solutions engage healthcare professionals on behalf of our clients. By establishing trusted partnerships, we bring value through meaningful and continuing dialogue.

How field sales solutions can help

Depending on the specific brand objectives, Amplity Field Solutions teams can be deployed in an accountable stand-alone model or in conjunction with a traditional sales team to supplement customer engagement.
Access to experienced, skilled, and accountable pharmaceutical sales talent for product launches, growth products, and mature brand promotion
Synergistic adjunct to sales coverage for traditional sales teams
Optimal engagement at every commercial stage in the life cycle of therapeutic products
Quality customer engagements in stand-alone teams with opportunity to expand reach and/or frequency with embedded teams

Proven success

A previous Amplity Health field team implementation demonstrated the value of our tailored Amplity approach. In a blended team model (field and inside sales), this solution delivered meaningful and measurable results.
Significant market share gains

Significant market share gains

Valuable field insights and analysis

Valuable field insights and analysis

Increased access to product targets

Increased access to product targets

Exceeded delivery of key performance indicators outlined by client partner

Exceeded delivery of key performance indicators outlined by client partner

Answering the 3 Key Questions Pharma Must Consider When Deploying Field Reimbursement Managers at the Launch of a New Specialty Brand

Field Reimbursement Managers are highly skilled professionals operating in a specialized non-sales role supporting healthcare professionals and office staff in defined territories. FRMs use their extensive knowledge of insurance coverage, patient assistance programs, and the local reimbursement landscape to provide one-on-one support throughout the reimbursement journey. Despite their important role, some new-product brand teams are uncertain, or even doubtful, of the importance of deploying an FRM team at launch. This article addresses three key questions regarding the deployment of Field Reimbursement Managers at the launch of a new specialty brand.

Reframing Key Account Management in the Specialty Drug Era

When the Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote “There is nothing permanent except change,” he probably wasn’t thinking about the modern pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, his notion of the constancy of change fits our business perfectly. Indeed, today’s healthcare delivery model is dramatically different from what it was in 1990, with profound changes in the number and power of stakeholders, extraordinary alterations in the type and cost of new drugs, and rapid shifts in the way those drugs are paid for. These changes have left yesterday’s sales models less and less effective and opened the door to new sales models that better accommodate today’s marketplace realities. This article describes several of the forces at play and connects them to the resultant rise in the deployment and success of Key Account Managers.

Hybrid Sales Solutions

For additional flexibility, hybrid sales representatives combine the benefits of field representatives and inside sales representatives

The hybrid sales representative can reach more HCPs and accounts with larger geographies as well as engage our client’s customers per their preference in communication: in person, remote, or digitally.

How hybrid teams can help

Hybrid representatives are equally qualified and impactful at delivering product messaging through live online meetings, web-enabled communications in-person, or by phone. All communications are also augmented with time spent in the field meeting with HCPs in person, to best address preferences for the way information is consumed.

With a deep understanding of the channel and data, we’ll partner with you to formulate the appropriate amount and type of engagement to meet the goals of your brand’s strategy.

Blended in-person and remote commercial team delivers 18:1 ROI 

In a post Covid world, pharmaceutical companies need to optimize remote and in-person promotion across personal and non-personal channels. Our case study shares both the strategy and execution tips that delivered incredible results.

Market Access

Committed to ensuring patients have access to the therapies they need

Market entry and growth strategies that achieve a balance between patient access and business feasibility

Amplity Market Access uses quality data and market intelligence to develop strategies that push boundaries in order to put patients first. With broad and deep knowledge of the access landscape, our talented specialists support every aspect of market access excellence. Regardless of service offering, our overarching blueprint is the same – an approach supported by data and measurable results.

Access trends we are helping clients navigate today

Amplity is leading the way by keeping a steady eye on current market changes and helping clients effectively manage them. The work we are doing today involves innovative tactical approaches to a wide range of market access challenges and opportunities:
  • Omnichannel marketing and the impact of increased virtual engagements on access
  • Companion diagnostics to locate patients with rare/ultra-rare diseases
  • Gene-therapy cost versus expense and how payers control these costs (innovative contracting toward outcomes and payment plans)
  • Institutional setting: Tightening of budgets with the slowing of elective procedures and reduction of staff (COVID, immunization status, etc.)
  • Rx access: CVS downsizing by 900 stores (announced November 21, 2021).
  • How will this impact patients? Mail order increase?
  • Impact of third parties disrupting the distribution space (e.g., Amazon and Mark Cuban launching their own pharmacies)
  • Generic company competition (e.g., CVS created “Red Oak” manufacturing and is distributing generics with Cardinal Health)
  • President Biden’s plans to address high drug prices – impact analysis and what it means for consumers
  • Ecosystem model impact of go-to-market implementation for many clients
  • Long-term care patients shifting to home health

Did you know?

Market Access Dynamics – by the numbers
  • Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) own more than half of all oncology practices and administer more than half of the “buy and bill” brands
  • More than two-thirds of all pharmaceutical claims flow through 3 PBMs: Caremark, Express Scripts, and OptumRx
  • Pharma companies paid $187 billion in rebates in 2020
  • The top 5 commercial payers own more than 50% of covered lives: OptumRx, 15%; Anthem, 13%; Aetna, 11%; Cigna, 10%; and Kaiser, 7%
  • Federal agencies account for 6% of covered lives, with VA/DoD accounting for more than 18.5 million beneficiaries
New Product Strategy

Amplity designs go-to-market access strategies that minimize physician hassles and patient cost-sharing barriers to support smooth market entry and adoption:

  • Market landscape assessments
  • Launch roadmaps
  • Strategic and tactical brand plans
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Market research
  • Advisory boards
  • Forecasting and modeling
  • Product positioning and competitive strategy
  • Surrogate account management teams
Established Product Strategy

We constantly examine the market dynamics that impact our clients’ competitive landscapes to provide targeted tactical adjustments that drive sales:

  • Brand diagnostics
  • Growth strategies
  • Modeling and forecasting
  • Market opportunity assessments
  • Whiteboard exploratory sessions
  • Companion diagnostic strategies
Pricing and Reimbursement

Leveraging our expertise and established relationships, our team facilitates the negotiation of WAC and net price combinations that exceed industry norms:

  • Value stories and messaging development
  • Payer contracting
  • Launch pricing
  • Reimbursement strategies
  • Competitive pricing and contracting strategies
  • Loss-of-exclusivity strategies
Federal Government

Amplity leverages established relationships to ensure our clients and federal decision makers are making informed choices that optimize patient access to the therapies they need.

  • Centers of Excellence partnerships
  • Freedom of Information Act data
  • Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense / TRICARE, and Indian Health Service optimization
  • Federal-agency-specific strategies and modeling
  • Contract modeling w/statutory pricing considerations
  • Federal Supply Schedule contracting
  • Joint National Contract optimization
  • Corporate exigency and stockpiling contracting
  • BARDA, DARPA, and NIH RFP support, account management, and collaboration design

Introducing the new Federal playbook

The traditional challenges and opportunities associated with the Federal segment have changed. We've created a playbook to help our clients understand the new imperatives to success. 

Designed by former VA and DoD decision makers, this playbook contains the strategies and tools needed to establish a high ROI engagement framework. Click below to learn how we can partner to both formulate the optimal Federal market access strategy, and also implement it effectively.

"I learn something from you every time I am on a call with you."
- Sr. Director of Specialty Sales at mid-sized Specialty Pharma company

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