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Talent Acquisition

Amplity Health Talent Acquisition

Commitment to diversity recruiting

Amplity Health believes that drawing upon the talents of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences enriches our performance. We seek to create an inclusive, fair, and respectful environment that celebrates individual differences and the unique perspectives they bring. Diversity at Amplity Health includes ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, national origin, and sexual orientation. It also encompasses recognizing the uniqueness of everyone’s characteristics, styles, and experiences. At Amplity Health, we believe our people are the foundation of our success.

Our process: mapping the candidates journey for medical, commercial and remote engagement teams

Our recruiting efforts revolve around ensuring a positive candidate experience from our first interaction through final selection. Understanding the competitive nature for top talent, we are nimble, flexible, and able to connect and communicate with high-demand talent. To ensure this is the case, we have segmented our process into several stages:
Talent acquisition blueprint

We develop the story for why a candidate would want to join this initiative—and all of the tools required to engage and assess candidates for all of the roles to be hired. We will identify the key sites and organizations and tap into our extensive database and network to engage candidates for each of the roles to unearth the right talent in the commercial, remote engagement or medical space. In addition, we will assemble a dedicated recruitment lead that will be aligned with focusing on the right talent for our team.

  • Expectations of roles: What do the individuals need to do?
  • Align competencies to desired job profile
  • Develop all tools for candidate assessments
  • Develop timelines for roles
  • Design of recruitment plan for candidate journey
  • Identify and launch recruitment team
Awareness & momentum

This stage is where our recruiting team will connect with their networks to make the “passive candidates” aware of the fantastic opportunity to join your company. We use this stage to begin to build our talent pipeline.

  • Dynamic sourcing
  • Sharing your story
  • Initiate talent community
Talent cultivation

This stage begins when we interview for further vetting that will lead to the final stage of our interviews and offers. Timeliness and competitiveness in this market is key, and we are nimble to manage highly targeted candidates with select skill sets to attract based upon our flexible interviewing model.

  • Sequenced candidate engagements
  • Court talent community
Talent selection

This is the final stage in the talent acquisition process.

  • Final candidate selection interviews
  • Employee engagement and retention post selection
“Your recruiting team wove yourself into the fabric of our organization and became a part of our team very quickly. The quality of candidates that you and your team sourced were not only outstanding, but gave us several quality choices in all areas.”
– A Sales Leader from one of Amplity’s small pharma clients