Webinar: Simplifying the Complexities of the Reimbursement Landscape

Simplifying the Complexities of the Reimbursement Landscape

The current PBM & GPO landscapes have evolved rapidly over the last five years. Pharma’s Brand, Marketing, and Sales teams must maintain a thorough understanding of what’s changed, why, and how it effects their payer strategy.

This on-demand webinar features a discussion between leaders of Amplity’s Market Access team. Watch now to learn the latest strategic tactics in communicating with payers effectively to achieve meaningful awareness and adoption. After watching this webinar, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the current payer landscape and the importance of maintaining a payer landscape roadmap
  • Explain the latest changes and summarize the impact for their colleagues
  • Accurately assess which tactics of their current plans require revisiting and/or revision
  • Ensure effective product coverage discussions with proven strategies
  • Differentiate between what the payers consider a value proposition vs. what the PBM’s consider valuable


Watch the video now:


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