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Answering the 3 Key Questions Pharma Must Consider When Deploying FRMs at the Launch of a New Specialty Brand

Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs) are highly skilled professionals operating in a specialized non-sales role supporting healthcare professionals and office staff in defined territories. FRMs use their extensive knowledge of insurance coverage, patient assistance programs, and the local reimbursement landscape to provide one-on-one support throughout the reimbursement journey.

Despite their important role, some new-product brand teams are uncertain, or even doubtful, of the importance of deploying an FRM team at launch. This article addresses 3 key questions regarding the deployment of FRMs at the launch of a new specialty brand:

  1. What is the business case for including FRMs at launch?
  2. What are the key differences between an FRM “buy-and-bill” team and an FRM “specialty pharmacy” team?
  3. What are the steps to coordinate the FRM’s efforts with those of the Sales Rep and the Hub?


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