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Medical Solutions

Medical Science Liaisons

Our Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) serve as an essential link to build effective relationships between your company and the medical community

The healthcare landscape is evolving at a rapid pace—technological and scientific advances are focused on personalized and innovative medicines and new treatment pathways for patients. This requires a shift in medical thinking, as the requirement for new treatment pathways and a more patient-centric approach is required.
A key to driving patient access to new therapies is the deployment of highly skilled and engaging MSLs.

About MSLs

MSLs are therapeutic specialists with advanced scientific training. They are experts in scientific engagement and the delivery of medical content to a variety of key stakeholders. MSLs bridge the communication gap between clinical development and commercial success. Additionally, the insights they gather help develop business strategy in areas such as product development and market access, ultimately leading to a successful product launch.

How our MSLs can help

  • Ensure that more patients gain access to, and benefit from, the best medicines for the right reasons
  • Educate key opinion leaders, clinical trial investigators, health professionals, and decision makers about your scientific data, clinical initiatives, disease awareness, and Health Economics & Outcomes Research data. Although this is important in every disease state, it is particularly critical in the rare disease, orphan, and oncology fields
  • Maintain a high-science dialogue with key stake holders to advance your brand and stay non-promotional. Initiating and developing this high-science dialogue requires highly qualified clinical professionals who can engage the stakeholders utilizing a peer-to-peer approach

Why Amplity Health

Our MSLs are highly qualified, many holding doctoral degrees including MDs, PharmDs, and PhDs. All Amplity Health MSLs work to accomplish several non-promotional goals:
  • Improve understanding and drive scientific exchange to prepare the market for launch
  • Continued medical support post-launch
  • Key opinion leader (KOL) and stakeholder education and training
  • Clinical trial support
  • HEOR
  • KOL mapping
  • Local market knowledge
  • Risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS) and safety program participation
  • Insight gathering
  • Conference and congress attendance and booth coverage

Scalable and adaptable working style

  • Field-based, virtual or hybrid
  • Locally focused
  • Full-time or part-time team members
  • Part-time schedules
  • Remote interactions via teleconference, online, or through live video
As your true global partner, Amplity Health deploys MSL resources in over 45 countries. MSL medical outsourcing and consultancy services provide flexible and agile medical solutions tailored to your product life cycle.

Our approach to success

Scalable global solutions
We offer flexible and scalable global solutions to help ensure that you have the right MSLs in the right locations customized to your needs
We offer collaborative onboarding programs that deliver both client and Amplity Health content to ensure that all MSLs are engaging from the first day
Capability development
We have a proven and effective ongoing capability development program ensuring excellent scientific exchange and rapport building
Strategic consultancy
We offer strategic consultancy based upon local geographical knowledge and market insights
We have expertise in compliance and regulatory consultancy
We recruit and deploy the most highly skilled, qualified MSLs from our established database and global networks in a timely manner via our multilingual recruitment specialists
Performance metrics
We establish team metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive performance
Field engagement
We foster highly effective and collaborative Field Management designed to facilitate a close, personal employee relationship, pastoral care, and ongoing performance management
Medical Affairs
We have medical affairs resources to support the medical plan and strategic direction
We have knowledge and expertise in variations of employment law and local requirements globally

Are you interested in case studies or examples?

With our extensive experience leading MSL teams, we have established industry-wide best practices. Our MSL leadership team has built some of the longest running, most successful clinical deployments in the industry.

Are you interested in other roles?

Amplity Health also provides Clinical Trial Liaisons, Sponsored Trial Liaisons, Diagnostic Liaisons, Clinical Research Operations Managers, and Medical Affairs Directors.

Clinical Trial Liaisons

Amplity has deployed this unique variation of the MSL role to help clients achieve their clinical trial goals facilitating on-time enrollment

Your relationship with your research teams is critical to the success of your trial

Your relationship with your research teams is critical to the success of your trial

What are Clinical Trial Liaisons?

Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs) are an important resource for clinical trial support. As with MSLs, they are often PharmDs, PhDs, MDs, or NPs. They can be engaged throughout the life of a clinical trial, providing such services as scientific background, disease education, research rationale, protocol inclusion/exclusion criteria, and pipeline support. CTLs may be involved in the identification and evaluation of trial sites and provide insight to the study teams on best practices for the identification and recruitment of trial subjects.

How our CTLs can help

  • Work closely with the investigators, clinical research associates, and the other study team members involved in conducting the trials to ensure that they possess a complete understanding of eligibility criteria and relevant protocols and procedures
  • Offer deep clinical, medical, and scientific knowledge of all aspects of the trial, as well as excellent communication skills
  • Build trust and cultivate long-term, productive, peer-to-peer relationships on behalf of the sponsor through ongoing exchange with study investigators and their clinical networks
  • Engage in peer-to-peer discussions with investigators and researchers regarding trial data and results

A CTL adds to the effectiveness of the research team

  • By communicating field insights back to the sponsor
  • By providing regular and consistent scientific and clinical support
  • By working with research teams to develop tailored solutions when challenges arise
  • By coordinating communication and building networks between research sites
  • By providing supplemental training on more complex study procedures when required
The CTL operates in that space between the clinical study and the future of medicine… When the study is complete, the connections, the relationships, the advocates all help to bring medicine back to the right patients rapidly.
Amplity Health CTL

Diagnostic Liaisons

Diagnostic Liaison teams help your organization identify providers that treat patients with difficult-to-identify diseases

What are Diagnostic Liaisons?

Diagnostic Liaisons are teams that have been designed to address the undiagnosed or misdiagnosed patient challenges that may particularly occur within the rare disease space. Diagnosis Liaison teams can operate under either the Medical Affairs or Commercial umbrella, depending on the need of the program. The Diagnosis Liaison is comprised of a team of clinically focused professionals who are responsible for identifying healthcare providers (HCPs) who care for patients with rare diseases by providing disease education, diagnostic testing, and other tools. By creating disease state awareness, Diagnostic Liaisons assist HCPs with rare disease patient identification and ideally motivate physicians to diagnose patients earlier in support of commercially approved and/or pipeline programs.

How our Diagnostic Liaisons can help

In Medical Affairs, the Diagnosis Liaison seeks to identify “undiagnosed” patients through education of HCPs in addition to:
  • Identify physicians with patients and understand their experience
  • Educate potential treaters about the rare disease patient profile
  • Drive diagnostic testing initiatives or other tools to help the provider appropriately diagnose
  • Provide patient support tools and programs to help HCPs assist patients with rare diseases
  • Collect insights on what they are seeing or learning to provide back to the company

How Amplity can help solve the challenges of rare disease launches

It is clear that the launch of a rare disease treatment needs a different approach from the standard launch framework. While all drug launches are complex, launches of rare disease treatments are particularly multifaceted. It is important to identify these 2 key areas prior to launch to ensure that the providers with potential patients are identified for targeting once the medication is approved.


Identifying where in the community these patients with rare diseases reside

Identify HCPs for pre-clinical and clinical programs


Seek to understand what type of providers or specialists care for these patients

Educate HCPs on active programs, provide testing kits, and determine if HCP has current patients

Did you know?

The Association of American Medical Colleges has reported that rare diseases are tough to diagnose because most doctors don’t see them. “Patients tend to enter into what we call a ‘diagnostic odyssey,’” said Anne Pariser, MD, deputy director of the NIH Office of Rare Diseases Research. “It’s really awful for the patients. They go to doctor after doctor. Often this can take years of not knowing what’s going on. They start losing hope until they finally get referred to a specialist familiar with the disease.”

Medical Key Findings

Amplity clinical and medical services provide our medical teams with a revolutionary technology—key findings that can help you make more informed decisions

What are medical key findings?

After meeting with thought leaders, investigators, or HCPs, our MSLs and other medical professionals dictate in-depth summaries that are run through our proprietary artificial intelligence engine. The result is a better, deeper understanding of the market from a regional and global perspective. It also enables our clients to constantly evaluate and adjust their medical strategies.

How key medical findings can help

These data can also be combined with Amplity Insights, which consists of dictated unstructured narratives inside a medical record from over 150,000 physicians from more than 40,000 clinics and hospitals across all 50 US states. The result is an unprecedented perspective that helps our clients make more informed decisions about strategy, communications, and team structure.

Unmet medical needs


Patient journeys


Competitive insights




Potential patients for clinical trials


Research and data gaps


Treatment pathways


Current standard of care


Patient outcome gaps


Potential undiagnosed patients

Remote Medical Solutions

COVID-19 has changed the way in which we operate from in-person to a remote model

Answering the growing need to evolve

Amplity Health have been quick to invest, digitalize our systems, and train our people to be the very best they can be. This has had a significant impact on the way MSLs, and other medical professionals engage with HCPs—all of our Liaisons are specifically trained to effectively deliver:
  • The highest quality scientific exchange via the HCPs preferred communication channel
  • Impactful therapy and product information and curate valuable insights across a wide, diverse, and fluid geography—“Scientific Engagement Without Borders”
  • Laser focus on targeting, delivery, implementation, and execution—implementation time is maximized and downtime minimized (eg, travel)
engagement tools

A full suite of remote engagement tools

  • Virtual communication platforms
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Conference and congress, both virtual or on-site
  • Scientific literature and journals
  • Advisory boards, remote or actual
  • Round table discussions, remote or actual
  • Remote engagement virtual learning events (VLEs)

Redefining the MSL model

Regardless of key stakeholder location, we can actively engage via remote platforms to ensure that MSLs work to educate key opinion leaders, clinical trial investigators, and other thought leaders about your clinical initiatives, disease awareness, and HEOR data. Remote medical solutions can also be combined with our traditional MSL model to create a hybrid role that will allow maximization of time and clinical engagement with key stakeholders.