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Rewriting the Rules of Engagement

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD/TRICARE) offer rich patient populations in certain disease states and can influence purchasing and prescribing in other segments. However, there is an enormous gap between the tactics required to ensure success in Federal versus those used for commercial market access.
Companies who are successful in this often untapped market have adopted a fundamentally different perspective toward strategy in this segment. They embrace the operating principals of these agencies, they determine what role their brand can play in the overall healthcare mission, and they ensure their company creates value, broadly.
The traditional challenges and opportunities associated with the Federal segment have changed. Our clients look to the powerful insights provided by Amplity’s team of former VA and DoD decision makers to understand the new imperatives to success.

Introducing the new Federal playbook

  • Accurately defining the business opportunity
  • Official and unofficial “rules of engagement”
  • How to overcome current access challenges
  • Key risks and best practices
  • Centers of Excellence and research partnerships
  • FAQ from former VA and DoD decision makers
Timeline/Delivery: 4 weeks via a 4-hour interactive workshop

Meet the team behind the content

Jim Young, RPh

Amplity's Principal, DoD Market Access
Col. (Retired), Former Chief Pharmacist for DoD,
Commander of David Grant Medical Center

Jann Carmichael, PharmD

Amplity's Principal, VA Market Access
Former VA Regional Head, VPE VISN 21

The new Federal Playbook contains the strategies and tools needed to establish a high-ROI engagement framework

The customer

The latest in the Federal organizational structures, operations, strategic initiatives and patient demographic – all customized to our client's therapeutics space

Growth opportunities

Strategic brand plan based on the current state of Federal access, treatment and management of therapeutic space and analogs of success under similar strategies

Tactical execution

Arguably our greatest offering, a roadmap for success that provides detail on key opinion leaders, engagement best practices and how to overcome operational challenges

Rules of engagement

Official and “unofficial” rules of engagement to ensure implementation success

Measuring success

Tactics are supported by anticipated ROI to include profitability expectations in Federal considering unique factors that impact gross-to-net and predictive analytics

Read what our clients have achieved via Amplity's market access strategies

"The VA Playbook was instrumental in helping [our] Federal Account Directors educate their teams (Sales, Managed Markets, Health Systems and Outcomes Liaisons) on the VA channel and decision making process, and align on a coordinated action plan to create awareness and adoption of our portfolio in specific VA hospital accounts."
- Healthcare Ecosystems lead from a mid-cap pharma client
“The highly experienced Amplity Health team (composed of former VA & VISN Heads) developed a targeted plan for my company's complex rare disease product. The product had multiple challenging factors that included a high cost, coding challenges, and limited distribution that did not align to the preferred distribution pathways. Regardless, their expertise and efficiency allowed them to rapidly establish preferred coverage in less than 6 months. The results exceeded all expectations."
- Head/VP of US Managed Markets from a small pharma client

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